top 10 crazy facts about the new Pokemon Go app game
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Pokémon first emerged in 1996 after being created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. When the anime and card game hit the United States, it became an overnight sensation for kids and young teens. As time has moved on, the trend of Pokémon hasn’t died down, and the original generation that started playing with the little pocket monsters still either play the game, watch the show, or revisit the nostalgic merchandise and even engage with other fans online and at conventions. So when the “Pokémon Go” app was released for iPhone and Android, children of the 90’s went nuts and quickly downloaded the app as fast as possible. The app has done some incredible things, as it is bringing people together, all for the purpose of capturing Pokémon. The app even uses your phone’s camera so that you can see the creatures in your actual environment, giving the game a level of reality. In short, the app has given users the ability to live out their real dreams of becoming a Pokémon master, duel in battles, and get some good exercise in.
In this video are 10 shocking facts about Pokémon. From finding the creatures in really bizarre places to the app being used to lure in robbery victims, the Pokémon franchise has brought together multiple age groups who are now all playing the game together. Granted, the adults may now be having more fun than the actual kids. There have been stories coming out that the app has resulted in more people going outside and enjoying themselves more than ever before.

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