It was only a matter of time, everyone~ OwO

YES. I actually managed to do THIS. Went with a friend outside, grab a backpack, used our phones, went to the nearby park and I recorded myself live playing Pokemon Go. I’m sorry. This game brings back nostalgic Pokemon feels, I could NOT HELP BUT MAKE FLUTTERSHY PLAY THIS. Will she find herself a cute Poke friend?!

Also yes, there were ducks. And those ducks were after me, but don’t worry I was alright! xD The important question is: why so many glitches Poke Go?! (Also huge surprise: I saw so many others playing the game too lol)

Anyways, this was the first time I’ve ever done something like this before, and the ending results was amazing! I’m really happy to show you guys something I’m pretty proud of! 🙂 Please do enjoy! And let me know what you guys think!


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