This is just my viewpoint on the recent problems with pokemon go. Yes I know multiple times I stumbled over my words, but I didn’t want to do a lot of editing since I feel like it would be more authentic.

Basic summery of the video is this.

1. *ALL* Regional exclusive pokemon need to be *all* events
1.A – Regional exclusive pokemon
should of their spawns increased.
1.B – Regional exclusive pokemon need to have their own events in multiple area’s not just in high populated states such as California, New York and Florida

2. Pokemon events need to be drastically increase in order to make it more available for the average player to get to them.
2.A – Pokemon go events be located at events such as Comic Con,Metro Con and Megacon.
2.B Pokemon go events should also happen at national parks for safari events which should focus on legendary raids & regional exclusives. (These events wouldn’t even need to be that huge), just maybe for a weekend special spawns located at certain national parks.

3. Legendary Raids for rural players
3.A – Nothing will change that will help rural players in this aspect, the raiding system is a group based effort system, if you are unable to find players to do legendary raids then you will need to go to events.
3.B The only thing rural players can do for raiding in general is to make discord / facebook groups and start recruiting anyone you can get and decide 1 day out of the week / month that fits into a majority of the groups schedules.

3.C – Yes I know that’s not what you want to hear but that’s the truth. Raids were designed to require multiple people to complete them. It wouldn’t make sense for Niantic to roll out an update allowing people to solo legendary raids or to lower the raid boss stats by the amount of players there.

If you are unable to get to a big enough city / local park to do raiding then it really falls under the category of saving up for an event.
It sucks but that’s what it is.