It’s hard becoming the very best at Pokemon GO when you live in the middle of nowhere.

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Writer: Heather Anne Campbell (
Storyboard Director: Brad Lewis
Music/Composition: David Schmoll
Voice Talent: Heather Anne Campbell
Design + Animation: Echo Bridge Animation
Editor: Jessy Jamboree

Small Town Pokemon Go Lyrics:
I wanna be the very best
But I live in a small town
When I turn on Pokemon Go
There’s no *!#@ Pokemon around.
My only rival’s the gas station guy I swear I’ll defeat him
But there’s no Pokestops for 50 miles
I’ve never seen a *!#@ gym
Gotta Catch ‘em all
It’s you and me
and 10,000 Pidgey
Oh you’re my best friend ‘Cause I have no other friends RATATTA
Gotta Catch
There’s 142
But for me,
And pidgey,
It’s Ratatta GO! Ratatta.
I spend money on incense
I bought a giant batch *!#@ *!#@ DOESN’T WORK And I’ve got no eggs to hatch
I used Pokeradar every day
It kept me sane, kept me alive once I saw a Venonat
Gotta Catch Em All
It’s you and me
Maxxed out my 150
OOHHH? I want to see more
But there’s no fucking place to put my lure.
there’s only you Ekans, Zubat too

Our hearts are so true
Holy *!#@ do I resent you
Your buck teeth
Your shitty moves
LIKE Chuck-e-Cheese meets Ted Cruz
It’s Ratatta GO! RATATTA!

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