The moment Pokemon Go released, the real world setting was sure to cause some issues, create wonky headlines, and give players the chance to blow up their Twitter and Instagram feeds with hilarious pictures.
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SPOILER ALERT!!! A condensed list is below:
➢20. Poke-Hoaxes
Apart from spinning fantastic headlines, There are loads of hoaxes only possible with a game like Pokemon Go. Credit:
➢19. 99 Problems
Need an excuse to get out of going somewhere you’re dreading? This Pokemon meme feature the oversized Snorlax may actually come in handy! Credit:
➢18. Pokemon Over Pregnancy
When your wife is facing an imminent c-section, we can’t assume the best thing to do is whip out your Pokemon Go to capture a low-level Pidgey. Credit:
➢17. Pulling Over for Pokemon
We’d like to give Becccum credit for having the sense to pull over to capture the wild Eevee that appeared on her steering wheel, but there still had to be a moment where she was paying attention to Pokemon Go instead of the road. Credit:
➢16. Drone-emon
Rather than hunting down Pokemon on foot, as you’re meant to, you could do as this Reddit user, strap your phone to a drone, and mirror your cell phone screen on your laptop. Credit:
➢15. Diglett in Your Pants
Is that a Diglett in their pants, or is KitschKiller just excited to use twitter? Credit:
➢14. Pokemon frustration gets you sacked
If you’re pissed at your country because Pokemon Go isnt available yet in it, then hold back on the anger. Credit:
➢13. Doing it Wrong
Maybe we’re not the best Pokemon trainers out there, but something tells us this isn’t quite the way to capture a Rattata. Credit:
➢12. Gathering at the Opera
For the first time since last year’s San Diego Comic Con, thousands of Pokemon players gathered in places like the Sydney Opera House in Australia and Central Park in New York. Credit:
➢11. Rattata and Friend
When posed with a difficult decision, Twitter user @DarkBlueCat must decide whether to capture the low level Rattata or the decomposing corpse of its real-life counterpart. Credit:
➢10. Trespassing for Pokemon
We talked about the hoax of a young boy shot while trespassing on private property, but homeowner Boon Sheridan has found his home turned into a Pokemon haven. Credit:
➢9. Stripper-Mon
This wanna-be Pokemon trainer may have his priorities a little out of whack if he’s pulling out his Pokeballs during a strip tease. Credit:
➢8. Dead Body, I Choose You!
Wyoming teen Shayla Wiggins stumbled across a body of a dead man in a nearby river, thought to have died of an accident. Credit:
➢7. Poor Magikarp
Looking for a fish that’s really easy to catch? Credit:
➢6. Police Station Poke Stop
Poke Stops are popping up all over the place, and sometimes not in the most convenient of locations. For instance, the interior of a police station. Credit:
➢5. Cheating Trainers
These guys are up there with the drone operators in making a free-to-play game really not fun to play. Cheaters have found a way to trick their phone’s built-in GPS into thinking they’re traveling all over without ever leaving their homes. This allows them to completely negate the actual point of Pokemon Go while risking perma-ban.
➢4. Making a Profit for Free
Wouldn’t you love to put a little work and absolutely no money into something then turn around and sell it for $100? Apparently with Pokemon Go you can achieve this, as seen with this anonymous Houstin, TX gamer, who’s touting a level 12 trainer with a handful of Pokemon. All of this free stuff can be yours for the price of $100 and your dignity.
➢3. Taking a Spill for Pokemon Go
Focus while skateboarding… dont pokemon. Credit:
➢2. Alex Ramirez’ Pokemon Go Adventure
Local police fully believe his call to 911 was a hoax. Credit:
➢1. Poke-Robberies
With an in-game item known as the Lure Module, degenerates used Pokemon Go to lure innocent trainers-in-training to secluded areas to rob them at gun point. Credit:

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