It’s time to hatch my FIRST Pokemon GO Gen 2 10km EGG! 😀
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I am SO excited to announce my new graphic novel “Ali-A’s Adventures – GAME ON!” to the world! 😀 If YOU want to be a part of the book, simply tweet me using #AliAPickMe and let me know why YOU are excited for Ali-A’s Adventures – GAME ON! I can’t wait for the FULL book release on October 19th – Make sure you pre-order to get yourself a copy! 🙂

Pokemon GO Generation 2 (Gen 2) is HERE and it adds over 80+ brand NEW Pokemon to the game! Join me as we hunt down ALL these new Pokemon, from hatching new eggs to traveling the world to get region exclusives – It’s going to be awesome. SUBSCRIBE for daily Pokemon GO videos – Enjoy! 🙂

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