10 Most Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO
There are over 151 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO, so you’re bound to have a tough time finding all of them in your journeys. But what’s the absolute most rare Pokemon of them all? That’s what we’re here to find out. If you’ve scoped our list of …
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8 Pokemon Go Changes We Want
Pokemon Go took everyone by storm when it released earlier this month for iPhone and Android. While we’ve been having just as much fun as anyone with Niantic’s free-to-play, AR-driven Pokemon MMO, there are plenty of things we’d love to see added to make …
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The Pokémon Go-Map project reveals the location of every Pokémon around you
Finding all the best and most rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go requires a lot of walking and a fair bit of luck. Confronted with the prospect of exercise, some players have taken to their computers to develop an alternative. There’s a project underway to …
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Rio’s latest Olympic pitfall? No ‘Pokemon Go’
The list of issues cropping up in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the Summer Olympics is only growing. You have Zika-carrying mosquitos and super bacteria in the water, and now athletes and fans can’t take their minds off the scary stuff with “Pokemon Go.”
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