Why Pokémon GO had to Pokémon go away
Pokémon GO: two words that have littered news, social media and actual human mouth feeds for weeks now. The game has spawned a colossal mess of coverage (including this very article, yes) that looks to demonize, elevate and celebrate it to varying degrees.
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Pokémon GO cheats, hacks, bans, and why cheaters suck
The sad truth about gaming is that there’s always someone looking for a way to cheat. Naturally, a game as popular as Pokemon GO has many people looking for an unfair advantage. Cheating in this game is not as simple as typing in a secret code.
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Make America ‘Pokemon Go’ Again
Let’s face it, everybody. The past week has been bad. A twitchy cop shot a beloved cafeteria worker to death during a traffic stop. In the midst of massive peaceful protests, a wacko who was rejected from Black nationalist groups for instability then …
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